750 hrs warranty

Our warranty is about something bigger than our products—it’s about having your back. This is the Captain Farmtech way: we stand behind our products.

Free delivery within Kenya

We reduce your cost and deliver within a day.

One free service

Here’s why: you have work to do and you need a product that you can depend on and trust. But it’s not just a matter of building them tough, heavy, and work-ready. We build them for you, to get your work done.

Light weight tractors with a mega soul!

We’ve made a product
that will change your life

We offer you the best tractors and implements

You ask why Captain Tractors. Here's why:
We have custom made implements for our tractors.
We have light weight tractors.
Our tractors have a narrow track and a short turning radius.

We are all about giving you efficiency and effectiveness.


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